Congratulations, You exist And I don’t care How much you resist, I don’t care How much you doubt it, How much you deny Or lie about it, How you close your eyes And tighten your fists, It makes no difference You still exist Parallels infinite Broken sims Impossible dreams And forgotten whims Ebbing and flowing... Continue Reading →


Plague of Fireflies

  Seventeen-Year Cicadas You’ve heard them sing their song, Sonic waves unstoppable All spring and summer long But another swarm is coming- Oh what can ready your eyes? For every thousand years Is a Plague of Fireflies Some will think them falling stars Some will think them wild fires Some will think they’re dreaming When... Continue Reading →


We want to live to be one hundred Because we do not think that the last 20 years Will be so lonely and so painful That they will mar the joys of our youth And when we watch our children go into their Own declining years And hear of our grandchildren giving birth To descendants... Continue Reading →


    I Hugh Hefner bought a place in the cemetery Next to the grave of Marilyn Monroe Just as Faustus asked to kiss Helen of Troy As he stood on the canyon rim of the Abyss "Ah Mephistophilis!" It wouldn't really be a man's world Unless every Beauty could be juxtaposed Next to her... Continue Reading →


The Truth of Spring It is the truth of the mist of thawing mud Heavy grass clumped and crawling Waking Writhing in its saturated bed Exhaling winter And every cell in my legs is reborn Each singing operatic into my joints, "Run! Atrophy will not win this year, You are resurrected, You and your woods,"... Continue Reading →


  A COUPLE MILLION PEOPLE a CITY is a couple million people pretending not to look at one another   but they must steal secret glances once in while because they are all wearing the same expression, skillfully mimicked to the last talon of each crow’s foot, emulations of fiction and even the freest of... Continue Reading →

Heaven and Earth

Heaven  I Dark Matter, or Energy- one and the same Flinging or holding- It’s Gravity’s shame, Holy Ghost, Space Ghost- ubiquitous, rude There’s no dream of order you cannot intrude   II Super-massive terrifying ominous Black Hole You can crush Time, but can you crush the soul? Brother, you’re more than a mind can bear... Continue Reading →


Luminous Clouds   A woman whose toes painted honey-bronze Have walked the horizon, a thousand dawns, Luminous clouds at her ankles and feet Wash over the mountains to the village streets   A woman whose mind is verdant as June Has walked the forest, a thousand moons, The kids at her hips never need strain... Continue Reading →


Dear Rich Mullins, You wanted to go out like Elijah With the whirlwind to fuel your chariot of fire   Well, I hope that when you were flying through the window Of that car, as it rolled over on the highway in Illinois, Your spirit never hit the ground   And when your body rolled... Continue Reading →

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