Little River

There was a little river With aspirations grand To be the first to circle the earth And cut through every land He, through the narrow canyons, passed Through woods of thirsty trees But found all his ambitions lost When he fell into the sea -JSMB Photo by ASMB



  A COUPLE MILLION PEOPLE a CITY is a couple million people pretending not to look at one another   but they must steal secret glances once in while because they are all wearing the same expression, skillfully mimicked to the last talon of each crow’s foot, emulations of fiction and even the freest of... Continue Reading →


(If you need something to shout) I want a room Where I can write on the walls Kick in the closets Until they're long as halls Pull in the corners To origami shapes Turn seventeen floor boards To verses ornate Splinters flying Falling in tune Over rhythms random In my growing room The shifting foundation... Continue Reading →

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