Congratulations, You exist And I don’t care How much you resist, I don’t care How much you doubt it, How much you deny Or lie about it, How you close your eyes And tighten your fists, It makes no difference You still exist Parallels infinite Broken sims Impossible dreams And forgotten whims Ebbing and flowing... Continue Reading →


Billy and Patty

By Jared St. Martin Brown Back when I lived in Arizona, I used to go on a lot of solitary hikes and camping trips. It was my way of taking full advantage of my time in the desert. It fit right in to the narrative I had already created for myself years ago. As a... Continue Reading →


We want to live to be one hundred Because we do not think that the last 20 years Will be so lonely and so painful That they will mar the joys of our youth And when we watch our children go into their Own declining years And hear of our grandchildren giving birth To descendants... Continue Reading →


    I Hugh Hefner bought a place in the cemetery Next to the grave of Marilyn Monroe Just as Faustus asked to kiss Helen of Troy As he stood on the canyon rim of the Abyss "Ah Mephistophilis!" It wouldn't really be a man's world Unless every Beauty could be juxtaposed Next to her... Continue Reading →


The Truth of Spring It is the truth of the mist of thawing mud Heavy grass clumped and crawling Waking Writhing in its saturated bed Exhaling winter And every cell in my legs is reborn Each singing operatic into my joints, "Run! Atrophy will not win this year, You are resurrected, You and your woods,"... Continue Reading →

Civil Rights For The Mind

  I enjoy the observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day because I enjoy the freedom that he and others with him have brought to my mind.  Many of us forget to appreciate the courageous acts of those who struggled for equality, because we often assume that, had we lived then, we would have been on... Continue Reading →

Heaven and Earth

Heaven  I Dark Matter, or Energy- one and the same Flinging or holding- It’s Gravity’s shame, Holy Ghost, Space Ghost- ubiquitous, rude There’s no dream of order you cannot intrude   II Super-massive terrifying ominous Black Hole You can crush Time, but can you crush the soul? Brother, you’re more than a mind can bear... Continue Reading →


    The Miracle of Birth Pastors have to talk about miracles, and this is tougher than it sounds because the word “miracle” has been brutally sentimentalized by greeting cards and refrigerator magnets for a long time town.  Flip through one of those “Precious Moments” wall calendars and you’ll see what I’m talking about.  A... Continue Reading →


Dear Rich Mullins, You wanted to go out like Elijah With the whirlwind to fuel your chariot of fire   Well, I hope that when you were flying through the window Of that car, as it rolled over on the highway in Illinois, Your spirit never hit the ground   And when your body rolled... Continue Reading →

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