Grace- The One Thing About Christianity Christians Are Afraid to Believe

If you ask a Christian what he believes, he'll say, "I believe in Jesus."  Usually, that answer is an abbreviated version of "I believe that I am saved from condemnation by Jesus's death and resurrection, and it's through him that I have fellowship with my Creator, the LORD, who is commonly referred to as the Judeo-Christian God."  Sure,... Continue Reading →


Grace, My Girl, My Heroine

Grace, my girl, my heroine My Wonder Woman, breaker of walls Wisdom’s pretty sister, first sign of beauty Found me after my fall Wild and sexy with her love of truth In her fists, her golden rope My prison, a fool’s paradigm A villain’s notion of hope And a villain was I (not super) A... Continue Reading →

Grace (Defined)

GRACE.  When I read the word, peace pervades my thoughts.  No kidding!  Just looking at that word printed at the top of this page can send a beam of light into my darkest of emotional states.   The entropy of panic, the static of selfishness, and the gravity of hatred have meager influence at best in... Continue Reading →

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