Billy and Patty

By Jared St. Martin Brown Back when I lived in Arizona, I used to go on a lot of solitary hikes and camping trips. It was my way of taking full advantage of my time in the desert. It fit right in to the narrative I had already created for myself years ago. As a... Continue Reading →


Parable of the Wedding Night

By Jared St. Martin Brown Every once in a while, I live through a parable. It was my best friend’s wedding night. Albani and I had the awkward and intimate honor of going ahead of the bride and groom to light candles around their apartment. We had to create that magic, romantic atmosphere, and then... Continue Reading →


I am an English teacher.  I love my job, so it comes up often in conversations with people I have just met.  Invariably, someone will say, “English teacher, eh?  Oh no.  I’ll try to watch my grammar around you.”  In those moments, I feel a pang in my heart, for there begins a quake of... Continue Reading →

Historically Accurate

A P OTG PH TAK N SOM HER(a footnote to the “Fiction” discussion) Every once in a while, I hear a smug college student complain that a film wasn’t “historically accurate.”  Now, how in the world is any movie going to be historically accurate?  It can never be.  Such a criticism is pseudointellectual at best,... Continue Reading →


All writing is fiction.  Even nonfiction.  Your diary, your blog, your high school history text, your newspaper, your genealogy, your insurance claim… all fiction.  Your obituary will be fiction.  I don’t mean to say that we lie.  We do tell the truth.  Some of us, in fact, go to great lengths to tell the truth. ... Continue Reading →

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