War Happens When

War happens when We, as a nation, Care about a cause so deeply That we are willing To sacrifice a generation Of our own children To fight for it   For the greatest love Is this: a man lay down his life For his friends   Or War happens when We, as a nation, Want... Continue Reading →


Sackcloth and Ashes

Forgive us for our theology For it is ignorant   Forgive us for our politics For we have chosen sides With an earthly Empire   Forgive us for our racism For it is a sin against your children   Forgive us for our love of money For we have excused every possible sin In devotion... Continue Reading →

Black America and the Spirit of God

The average Christian in America today Is a Black Woman1 For God gave her a double portion of his Spirit- Evidenced in that Twice as many per capita Worship God every day2   God gave her a double portion Of his Spirit In the Great Migration, As to the Hebrews in the Exodus From Egypt,... Continue Reading →

Ode to Black America

Without Black America There would be no America- This is not a country built solely By European rebels Disguised as Native sons- No   Black America built America too- William Lee beside George Washington Whose last will and testament cried “freedom” For the man who’d been his brother all along   Black America built America... Continue Reading →

Poems from Glen Elk (volume 2)

I consider these nonfiction.  Most of this happened over a decade ago, but these are the Glen Elk stories I recall and retell most often.  If I haven't forgotten them by now, that means they are an active part of my life still, informing my walk.  This volume is the miracles and legends section of... Continue Reading →

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