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Heart Song

Darios in the Light (1)

My two sons

Each born

With a hole in his heart


See the look

On the doctor’s face

As she listens


To an upbeat

With a down beat

An unusual rhythm


And lungs breath lyrics

“Here is a heart

With room for God.”


Her stethoscope,

Headphones, witness

To truest worship

-JSMB 2017


Medea in Firelight

Medea, the mother,

In firelight

Altar of witchcraft

Hot and white


Eyes of the Chorus

Wild in Rage

Censure burns

The pungent sage


Spirits venomous

Woolly gold

Weaving the bitter

Song of old


Medea, the mother

‘Till a moment ago,

Barefoot in blood

And wailing woe


-JSMB 2017

Fire Lillies and Swans

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Rock City Chasm

Photo by JSMB, “Rock City” Trail in WV

You exist

And I don’t care
How much you resist,
I don’t care
How much you doubt it,
How much you deny
Or lie about it,
How you close your eyes
And tighten your fists,
It makes no difference
You still exist

Parallels infinite
Broken sims
Impossible dreams
And forgotten whims
Ebbing and flowing
Aspirations of bliss
Who never got
A chance like this

Young women, young men
An incomparable gift,
You exist

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Plague of Fireflies



Photo by tsaiian, CC

Seventeen-Year Cicadas
You’ve heard them sing their song,
Sonic waves unstoppable
All spring and summer long

But another swarm is coming-
Oh what can ready your eyes?
For every thousand years
Is a Plague of Fireflies

Some will think them falling stars
Some will think them wild fires
Some will think they’re dreaming
When all these things transpire

Lightning Bugs in your bushes
Fireflies in your trees
Rivers of luminous insects
Blowing in the breeze

You won’t have enough mason jars
For the trillions in your town
There aren’t enough kids to capture
The quintillions the whole world round

The darkest mountain will shimmer
The clouds will glitter at night
Even the snowy poles of earth
Will sparkle twice as white

In those days the earth will glow
The moon will shine it back
The night will be a rock show
Yellow instead of black

It will be too bright to sleep or think
When earth becomes a star,
You’ll have to stay home everyday
You can’t see to drive a car

To basements and caves we’ll go then
In darkness down deep inside,
And how long will we be there?
For seventeen years we’ll hide

-Jared St. Martin Brown, June 2016

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Grace vs. Dark Justice



Photo: Rob Thurman CC

Oh Grace,
You glorious Amazon,
How thrilled was I to be free?
You broke down walls,
Demolishing halls,
Saving others like me

When we were gathered,
We refugees,
For a time, we held hands and cried,
But the power of the law
Called to us all,
For a villain’s first love is pride

“Before Grace,”
Said Brother Lex,
“I was Lord of other men,
For a genius like me
Has the right to be,
I will no longer pretend.”

The naked clown winced
And pulled out his list
Of enemies before Grace,
“And I’ve not released
These insolent beasts,”
As he smeared paint on his face

Oh Grace!
Dark Justice is rising again,
It calls to us from within,
“Pandemonium bright
Flickers tonight,
This city shall pay for its sin

A dozen dirty bombs
Exploded then
And a half-dozen bridges fell,
Oh the power we felt
As the city knelt,
“We’re still princes in Hell!”

Oh Grace!
Where are the peasants’ cries?
Where are the desperate shouts?
But in the morning sun,
The rescue was done,
Grace had gotten everyone out

-Jared St. Martin Brown

April 2016

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Grace, My Girl, My Heroine


Photo: Tom Simpson CC

Grace, my girl, my heroine

My Wonder Woman, breaker of walls
Wisdom’s pretty sister, first sign of beauty
Found me after my fall

Wild and sexy with her love of truth
In her fists, her golden rope
My prison, a fool’s paradigm
A villain’s notion of hope

And a villain was I (not super)
A genius lapsarian
Ready to crush my whole broken race
And feast on the cold carrion

My death ray aimed at the tallest tower
My vile in the water supply
My bomb in the heart of the mountain tunnel;
It was then it all went awry

I blasted myself, became disfigured
Entombed in rubble and mud
But Grace ignored my pitiful curses
And gathered me, covered in blood

Then kicking back steel with her amazing leg
And hate with her shimmering eye
The spangled Amazon fought her way out
And cleared a path to the sky

Now on wings invisible
I live in perpetual flight
No higher than any human being
No lower than morning light

Ah Grace! So powerful, tall, and gorgeous
In your spandex trimmed with gold
Your immodesty offends the arrogant
You’re a bombshell, brash and bold

Grace, my girl, my heroine
My Wonder Woman, breaker of walls
Wisdom’s pretty sister, first sign of beauty
Found me after my fall

-Jared St. Martin Brown

July 2011

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