Poems from Glen Elk (volume 2)

I consider these nonfiction.  Most of this happened over a decade ago, but these are the Glen Elk stories I recall and retell most often.  If I haven't forgotten them by now, that means they are an active part of my life still, informing my walk.  This volume is the miracles and legends section of... Continue Reading →


Poems from Glen Elk (volume 1)

for Russell Glen Elk is like it's people.  Embattled but beautiful.  It's the best part of town, and everyone knows it.  Frozen for a time, in neglect, it escaped the fires improvement that leveled to blandness everything else in the late 1900s.  Now it's buildings and streets have that charm that everyone's looking for.  That's... Continue Reading →

Heart Song

My two sons Each born With a hole in his heart   See the look On the doctor's face As she listens   To an upbeat With a down beat An unusual rhythm   And lungs breath lyrics "Here is a heart With room for God."   Her stethoscope, Headphones, witness To truest worship -JSMB... Continue Reading →

Message of Peace

Yesterday, the Pope handed President Trump signed copies of two of his messages, one on climate change and one entitled “Nonviolence - A Style of Politics for Peace.” The President responded, “We’ll be reading them.” Let’s hope.  The latter is the most Christ-like assessment of the violence in our world I’ve read. And I am... Continue Reading →

Billy and Patty

By Jared St. Martin Brown Back when I lived in Arizona, I used to go on a lot of solitary hikes and camping trips. It was my way of taking full advantage of my time in the desert. It fit right in to the narrative I had already created for myself years ago. As a... Continue Reading →

Parable of the Wedding Night

By Jared St. Martin Brown Every once in a while, I live through a parable. It was my best friend’s wedding night. Albani and I had the awkward and intimate honor of going ahead of the bride and groom to light candles around their apartment. We had to create that magic, romantic atmosphere, and then... Continue Reading →

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