Grace vs. Dark Justice


Photo: Rob Thurman CC

Oh Grace,
You glorious Amazon,
How thrilled was I to be free?
You broke down walls,
Demolishing halls,
Saving others like me

When we were gathered,
We refugees,
For a time, we held hands and cried,
But the power of the law
Called to us all,
For a villain’s first love is pride

“Before Grace,”
Said Brother Lex,
“I was Lord of other men,
For a genius like me
Has the right to be,
I will no longer pretend.”

The naked clown winced
And pulled out his list
Of enemies before Grace,
“And I’ve not released
These insolent beasts,”
As he smeared paint on his face

Oh Grace!
Dark Justice is rising again,
It calls to us from within,
“Pandemonium bright
Flickers tonight,
This city shall pay for its sin

A dozen dirty bombs
Exploded then
And a half-dozen bridges fell,
Oh the power we felt
As the city knelt,
“We’re still princes in Hell!”

Oh Grace!
Where are the peasants’ cries?
Where are the desperate shouts?
But in the morning sun,
The rescue was done,
Grace had gotten everyone out

-Jared St. Martin Brown

April 2016


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