Heaven and Earth



Dark Matter, or Energy- one and the same

Flinging or holding- It’s Gravity’s shame,

Holy Ghost, Space Ghost- ubiquitous, rude

There’s no dream of order you cannot intrude



Super-massive terrifying ominous Black Hole

You can crush Time, but can you crush the soul?

Brother, you’re more than a mind can bear

For we only see you by what isn’t there




There was a little river

With aspirations grand

To be the first to circle the earth

And cut through every land


He, through the narrow canyons, passed

Through woods of thirsty trees

But found all his ambitions lost

When he fell into the sea



There was a mighty glacier

Crawling in the sun

It towered o’er valley trees,

Yet envied every one


Generations grew and fell

And the glacier melted, then

It became the water in their roots

And slowly rose again

                           -JSMB 2012


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