Luminous Clouds


A woman whose toes painted honey-bronze

Have walked the horizon, a thousand dawns,

Luminous clouds at her ankles and feet

Wash over the mountains to the village streets


A woman whose mind is verdant as June

Has walked the forest, a thousand moons,

The kids at her hips never need strain

Her country’s alive with sun and rain


A woman whose spirit is magenta bright

Sleeps a little late after year’s last night

As slowly she rises to New Year’s Day

She brings the light to overcast gray


Her thousand moons, Her thousand dawns

Paint the skies honey-bronze

Luminous clouds at her shoulders and back

Like an armored Roman in his chariot track

Luminous clouds at her elbows and wrists

Like an African queen with rings in her fists

Luminous clouds rest on her thighs

Like an Amazon scholar with magenta eyes


And the glittering fog disperses and blows

At the will of the woman with painted toes

And the future is tamed by the verdant girl

As storms of glory envelop the world


                                                -JSMB 1/1/2012

                                                    (for Albani)


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