Street Art

Banksy Banksy, Batman of Art

Flew from his cave like a silent dart

Emergency sirens, dreadful and loud

Signal stenciled on smoggy clouds


For, underscored by a Joker’s laugh,

An insidious wall broke the city in half,

And a stupid riot broke out when

The people were divided into “us” and “them”


Then “BAM! POW!” the partition was bruised-

Next morning, the deed on the local news,

And despite the clarity of disabused minds,

The heroics themselves were called a crime


For as the sun exposed the unwelcome wall

The painting upon it made it fall…

So painted elephants ruled the day

And, as usual, Batman hidden away


-JSMB 10/13/11


3 thoughts on “Street Art

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  1. I think I saw this movie. 😉

    Great to have our comic heros captured in poetry. If the Greeks could weave their myths into their literature, then it seems that the DC and Marvel universes are fair game!

    Enjoyed this one very much!

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