Truth is stranger than Fiction, but Truth doesn’t have to worry about selling advertisements. 

Truth watches as Fiction holds her camera at arm’s length to take a picture of herself for the internet.  “I don’t worry about making money,” declares Truth, “because I’m pure and unhindered.”

“Like Art?” Fiction asks.

“Most certainly not!” Truth replies.  “Art is not pure.  It’s artificial.  Hence the name.”

“That’s funny,” Fiction says, “Because just yesterday, I heard Art claim to be Truth.”

“Preposterous!” Truth shouts.

“Who says ‘preposterous’ anymore?”

“I do.  When your name is Truth, you need to say it a lot.  Anyway, I don’t like Art taking credit for what I do?”

“Well,” says Fiction very matter-of-factly, “You get plenty of credit for my work.  ‘Based on a True Story’, ‘Convoluted Truth’, ‘Historically Accurate’, ‘Self-Awareness’, ‘Telling It Like It Is’… That’s all my work not yours.”

“It’s not my fault that people can’t tell the difference,” Truth says coldly.

“Sometimes I think it is.”

“Sometimes I think you work too hard, Fiction.”

Fiction makes one last “cutesy-face” with innocent eyes and a pouty bottom lip.  She holds the camera high above her head, and snaps the photo.  “I think we both know, I’m way more popular.”

“Are you going to crop that down to make sure your chest is in the picture… like you’ve done all the others?”

“You know it.  When you do what I do, a cute face alone is not enough.”

Truth stands and stretches her long slender arms.  “What do you do, anyway?”

“I keep people from having to deal with you, sis.”

Truth grabs her diary and heads for the door.  “I’m going for a walk in the woods.  And I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that.”

“Do what you want.  You always do.”

-Jared St. Martin Brown 9/8/11

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15 thoughts on “Truth

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  1. This is GREAT! Love the dialog! The imagery you have created of Fiction taking profile pics while she carries on this conversation is extremely creative. Made me want to put on my best “cutesy face”. But I refuse to pout my lips. Refuse. =)

  2. My friend and fellow blogger, I was given a recognition for my blog today that includes as its prize the opportunity to share the recognition with people I think deeply deserving for their work as well. Please accept this bow to your excellence and the attached challenge! Thanks for the inspirations.

  3. This is so interesting and creative dialogue. Truth and Fiction… Great writing. And also the photograph keeps the mystical border between them. Nice to meet you Jared. I have just found your Blog, on Dear Kathryn’s post, Thank you, with my love, nia

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